January 21, 2022

Do NOT Look Behind You.

Annnnnd we're back, for more weird, more cryptic and more all around creepy good times


This week Kitsie tells you about her Quantum Energy Healing Session with Soul Mechanics Healing, and she is hooked!

New Segment Alert:  Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark.  Let us know what you think.

Nick tells us about some of the most CURSED movie sets of all time.

Kitsie tells the story of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, it's history, the most common ghost stories, and then she dives into some staff stories and her own personal encounter with the Civil War soldier who's said to haunt the glorious hotel.

A listener story form Evan, is just freaking weird, terrifying and lives up to the subject: Frogpocolypse

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January 14, 2022

How Very Scully of You

HEY Hey, welcome back wierdo.

Kitsie tells you all about her witchy ways and the fact that she's recently discovered she's an alien (seriously...... maybe)

Paranormal in the News has an 8 foot humanoid creature stalking a farm

Kitsie goes all the way to the top and tells you all about President Jimmy Carter's encounter with a UFO back in the 70's

Nick hits close to home fir Kitsie and schools her in the 100 step cemetery legend and lore of Brazil Indiana

A listener story tells about waking up at a certain time every night, and then figuring out what the meaning may have been.

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January 7, 2022

Come at Me Bro

Annnnnd we're BACK!

Kitsie FINALLY tells you about her trip to Salem, and Nick gets beautifully philosophical.

Paranormal in the news takes us south of the boarder, which boarder is debatable, Aliens abduct woman in Argentina and drop her off 40 miles away.  Not sure who she pissed off but damn girl!

Nick tells the delightful story of UFO researchers flocking to Stephenville Texas in 2008, find out why.

Nick goes all old times and tells you about the REAL origin of the name Ouija.

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December 3, 2021

Sacrificial Children

Hey guys, it's just a quickie to say Happy Holidays and check back in 2022



November 26, 2021

I‘m done, I quit, BYE

And we're back!  This week's paranormal in the news tells us all about a cursed doll who has it out for fisherman, and apparently only fisherman.

Kitsie heads down to Columbia to tell you all about the crazy happenings at the Hotel Del Santo

Nick, gets to the bottom of the hauntings at Lake Lanier.

And this listener story about a paranormal flurry is kinda nuts!


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November 19, 2021

Resting Witch Face

Let’s get weird!  Nick and Kitsie discuss the fact that the paranormal is becoming a hot topic and a part of pop culture so much so that Disney has released a Tarot Deck.

Paranormal in the news is about a UFO tell all book that started a bidding war amongst publishers.

Nick tells a trippy story about the UK’s Roswell site.

And Kitsie has a story about the Defiance Werewolf just in time for the full blood mono.

A short and sweet listener story leaves us with all the questions

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November 12, 2021

Not Today Satan

We are just now over the 150 episode mark, bringing you episode 152.  And this one has all the things you love about this podcast.


A super snooty review of Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin spoilers abound and we totally hated it for all the right reasons.  And Kitsie opens a box of weird goodies donated by and anonymous source, did we mention this box of goodies came from the pope himself, straight from the Vatican?


Paranormal in the news includes 24 ghost ships all emerging at once,  It’s end of times people.


Kitsie tells the story of the Haunted French Lick resort in French Lick Indiana…..  Say french Lick ONE… MORE…. TIME….


And Nick has a heartwarming story of a woman who grew up in a haunted house and is totally OK with it.


The listener story this week is a tale of a hunted rocking chair.


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November 5, 2021

That Was a Trainwreck

It’s that time again, time for more spooky weird and otherworldly.  Kitsie Duncan and Nick Floyd are here to deliver.


Please excuse our fangirling over Universal Studios, but we LOVE YOU!!


Paranormal in the news talks psychedelic drugs and how they may be the life changing key to aliens and the spirit realm.


Nick get’s into the nitty gritty of the haunted Tampa theatre.


Kitsie takes it way back to tell you a little diddy about Doctor John the VooDoo King of New Orleans.


Please take some time to send in your listener stories.  About anything creepy oddityfilescrew@gmail.com


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October 29, 2021

Backwoods Dirty

Here we are again for another episode of Oddity Files the podcast.  Where Kitsie Duncan and Nick FLoyd bring you all the weird, wild and creepy!


Nick and Kitsie dive deep into Horror movie genre’s and  tell you what you should be watching this Halloween weekend.


Paranormal in the news has a story about a bum pinching spirit in the UK.


Kitsie tells the silly AND terrifying story of the bed sheet ghosts in the olden days.


And Nick talks about the government cover up of Giant in the middle east.


A listen story may or may not be a repeat, so send in those stories folks oddityfilescrew@gmail.com


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October 22, 2021

So Freaking Squatchy

Well hello again weirdos this week has got all the goodies.  Tell your friends to give us a listen, it's that time of year when everyone loves all things spooky.

Find out all the crazy paranormal things that happened at the Paranormal X Road event at the Athenaeum Indy last weekend.  If you weren't there you really missed out.

Paranormal in the news has a Florida man who captured some sort of activity on his ring door bell.

Nick tells us all about the story of Stanely Steers, who lived an awful life and in turn may or may not have been the inspiration for Michael Meyers.

Kitsie jumps in with the Story of the Ohio Grassman, and all the amazing signings over the years.

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We have an updated listener story from friend of the show Evan Scott who was recently on an episode of Paranormal Crossroad, you can watch his two shows 'static man' and 'he's scared' at www.youtube.com/c/paranormalXroad bring the tissues!

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