Join Kitsie and special guest Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters International,  Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation Fame!

The world need a little inspiration today, and We've got just the guy for that Dustin Pari is not only a famed Paranormal Investigator, but he's and author, and motivational speaker.  Find out the in's and outs, and what cartoons inspired his paranormal career.

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This episode has got it all!

Paranormal in the news, can you imagine spending quarantine in a haunted castle, and have you seen ramped up paranormal activity in Quarantine, well you're not he only one?

Stories of hauntings by Sammie Dean the murdered sex worker, and was college student Elisa Lamb murdered by wrestlers spirits at the Cecil Hotel, in LA

We have an amazing listener story from Radom Zander and Nick has an INSANE personal story along the same lines.

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Join us for a bonus episode which is a true crime / paranormal mashup!


Kitsie and Heather Rage Launched their Miss Murder Podcast recently and want to tell you all about true crimes committed by Women, which in turn caused these hauntings.


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May 22, 2020


Another Friday another episode of Oddity Files.

Today's episode starts off on a somber note, as Clayton is leaving the show, but for amazing reasons, he's off to further his education and get his masters degree.

And Kitsie's new co-host Nick Floyd is here to keep the creepy going.  Nicke tells the story of a local legend where he went to college, and adds his personal investigation to the story.

Kitsie get's all MUFON on us, and tells of the ties President Truman had to UFO's and Aliens.

And Nick gives some solid advice on thing to do that will keep you socially distanced .

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Join us for all the weird when Not For th Dinner Table co-host David Wasley-Wood joins Kitsie for another Oddisode.

David talks about his kinda sorta near death experience that may or may not have opened him up to the life of being an empath.  And an insane story of a personal haunting he experienced in an Edwardian during his college days.

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Kitsie and Nick are in their respective podcast dungeons bringing you the creepy and the Cryptids.

For Paranormal in the news stories of Papa Legba allegedly drawing a Virginia Teen to Christopher Maloney's Haunted House for sale!

This weeks stories are the South Shields Poltergeist and Nick goes in full on the story of Zana, the only domesticated Sasquatch in history.Yep, you read that right.

And an amazing listener story from Jane.

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Weird is the new cool & Ghost On!

Join Kitsie and George R Lopez as the dive deep into the current state of Paranormal Investigating and what lies ahead in the Industry.

George is an Author and Lecturer and Had a Vlog on youtube called Dead Air Paranormal :Resurrected on the Paranormal Channel, where he and his co-hosts talk with some of the worlds most recognized paranormal investigators of our time.

Be sure to check out George during the live stream investigation of the "Conjuring House" Friday 05.15.20 at 3 pm EST find out more here:

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Weird is the new cool!

Everyone has that one friend who just feels the same way you do, about the paranormal.  This episode is pretty much just that.


Join Kitsie and her friend Nick Floyd as they talk ghosts, possession, and Big Foot.

Sometimes we all just need something to believe in.


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 Join Kitsie and Celebrity co-host Aaron Sagers for a weird ride in this weeks episode.

We talk Paranormal on TV, Aaron's new gig at The Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught on Camera, and the Ghost Adventures Crew's New Mini Series coming out in June.

Kitsie digs deep into the Lore of the Dybbuk Box sold on eBay, and Aaron weighs in with his theories.  Is it really haunted/possessed, or just a hoax?

A HUGE thank you to Aaron for hanging out and enlightening us.


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Weird is the new cool

Join us for an amazing ride with the Oregon Wood Witch, We dive into WICCA, Brujería, HooDoo, and Voodoo.  This Pacific Northwest Occultist, is a wealth of information, and wants to teach you who to get your magic on.

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